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The Badger DAO and Governance

The Badger DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is the parent organization to Digg and provides governance. This includes managing the development, distribution and release of Digg, among other projects like Setts (smart contract vaults). The DAO coordinates the globally distributed actions, decision making and activities of all the different parties, including the Badger governance token holders, the founding team and the members of the community.

The Badger DAO was founded as an organization dedicated to accelerating the use of Bitcoin across different blockchains. Badger was started with a fair launch and is community-driven. Here is an excerpt from the Badger DAO launch post, talking about the guiding principles behind the launch of the Badger governance token:

  • Zero individual or centralized control of smart contracts upon launch.
  • Fixed supply with mint function being burned at launch.
  • All smart contracts and systems audited pre-launch.
  • No surprise launch date and list of assets for staking. The entire community will know weeks in advance all these details.
  • No investors or capital raised.
  • Team is publicly known and involved in ongoing operations.
  • Time-locked founder rewards + whitelist functionality to enable performance based unlocking of rewards voted by the community.
  • No seeding of liquidity on exchanges by Badger.
  • Leaving control and decisions to the community of how to best distribute and utilize a significant portion of token supply.

For more on the motivation behind Badger, please check out the Badger DAO launch post on Medium