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Digg Airdrop

Note: Digg was released on Jan 23, 2021. Visit the Badger App to claim your airdrop (if you have been staking assets in Badger).

When Digg is released, you will be able to purchase Digg on decentralized exchanges. Pre-launch, you can participate in the current Badger staking pools, and you will be eligible for the Digg airdrop. See How to earn Digg for more information.

The Digg Airdrop is a reward for being an early supporter of Badger and having participated in the Badger ecosystem since launch in December of 2020. The Badger DAO has allocated 15% of the Digg supply in the following way:

  • Total Badger Rewards Earned (55%)
  • Badger Earned / Badger Staked Ratio (35%)
  • Badger Staked Tokens Over Time (10%)

This distribution was the result of a lot of deliberation in the community around fairness and it takes care of both large stakers who could contribute a lot of capital and smaller stakers with less financial resources but a great amount of dedication. For more information on the vote and decision making process, please visit the BIP-14 section of the Badger Forum.